Monday, 11 July 2016

Restaurant Review: Mango Room

Aaron's mall,
Olubunmi Owa street, 
Lekki Phase 1, Lagos

Hello guys, this weekend I went to check out Mango room restaurant. Its a new restaurant in Lekki. What really pushed me to going there was the bubble Tii I really wanted to have and it was amazing, trust me. The restaurant is not so big but its comfortable.

mango room restaurant

bubble tii shares the same room with mango room
my strawberry bubble tii
It costs about 1000 naira depending on the size. So refreshing! Have yours today.

Whats on the table?
Notice their food menu doesn't come with the price? hahaha I'm sure they purposely did that so you wouldnt get discouraged.
Anyway, I wanted to have the lamb in curry sauce and rice but the sauce wasnt available so I ordered for the Chicken in curry sauce.

chicken in curry sauce

I already ate a spoon before I remembered I hadnt taken a picture lol!
The food was really nice and was worth the price (3200) although thats still expensive. Everything was good till I started eating the chicken. Before today, I actually thought restaurants threw some odd parts of the chicken away like the bum, neck etc I was quite disappointed when I started eating it after paying 3200..... imagine. So I called them and my name was taken down, they owe me a complimentary meal whenever I come in ;)
The chef should be more careful next time. Asides that,everything else was fine and I enjoyed meal.
Jamaican restaurant
Have a nice week.

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